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AlwaysOn General Knowledge

What is public WiFi exactly?
How to connect to AlwaysOn WiFi?
How to disable auto-connect to AlwaysOn WiFi Hotspots?

What is AlwaysOn WiFi?

Let's skip the complicated tech speak and start with the basics. WiFi connects you to the Internet from your laptop, smartphone and other devices without any plugs and wires – but what a lot of people don’t know is that it’s much cheaper than using cellular data.

AlwaysOn WiFi is WiFi at its absolute best! We have a broad network across the country, and globally too (with our partner networks) in most of the locations you already hang out in. This means that you automatically have free Internet access whenever you’re connected via WiFi on your device in an AlwaysOn zone. You’re welcome, and it’s a pleasure.


Use our HOTSPOT FINDER to locate your nearest Hotspot for direct access to AlwaysOn WiFi. Our Hotspots can be found in all major airports, many shopping malls and most restaurants. Just look out for the “AlwaysOn WiFi” sticker on the shop window. Have a look at the Hotspot Finder

How does WiFi work?

Think of it like water, we bring the water (the bandwidth), into a venue using physical pipes, these pipes are connected to the water system (the internet). Once inside a venue we use a sprinkler system (Access Points) to spray the water around. This spray is WiFi.

Your phone, laptop or tablet is a cup and when you are connected to AlwaysOn WiFi you are essentially standing in the spray area catching water in a cup. Simple as that!!!

Why is WiFi sometimes AWESOME and sometimes bad?

There are two possible reasons for this…

• First, is that you could be standing at the very edge of the spray, so all the water does not reach you. You will know this is happening if you see there are only one or two WiFi bars.
• The second is if the pipes coming into the location, the ones that connect the sprinkler to the water system are too small. This means that there is not enough water in the spray to fill everyone’s cups. If everyone leaves, except one person, their cup will therefore be able to take all the water from the sprinkler and the experience will be better.

Are there differences across the AlwaysOn WiFi zones?

Yes. Quite simply we cannot put massive pipes into every location, this will make WiFi MUCH more expensive. We put HUGE (Fibre) pipes into popular locations and small pipes (DSL) into unpopular locations. We spend a lot of time managing this, if we see we need bigger pipes in a specific location.

How do I connect to WiFi?

To connect to AlwaysOn, you need to switch the WiFi on your device on, then search for the @AlwaysOn amongst the available WiFi networks. Click on @AlwaysOn and it will connect. Then open your browser and you will be directed to the AlwaysOn Dashboard when you search.

Sounds like a bit of a mission, can I make the way I use WiFi easier?

Yes, use our App, it make’s connecting to AlwaysOn happen seamlessly in the background with no user intervention.

AlwaysOn Account

Why should I register?

Registering an account allows you to use a single account for all our services. An account will allow you to see your purchase history, usage history and control how your services work to fine tune them to work how you like to work.
All this will be done from one place, the AlwaysOn Dashboard.

In addition, it allows you to use our App, the App allows you to use the dashboard from your mobile so you are always in control.

But the MOST IMPORTANT reason you need an account to use the App is that the App enables your device to connect the AlwaysOn WiFi network without having to do anything. You just walk into any of our WiFi Zones and your devices will just connect in the back ground … Just like magic.

How will my details be used?

When registering your new account you will be asked to provide some contact details. These details are not distributed to any third party companies; this would be a shocker and we are legally bound to ensure this does not happen. They are used to send a one time password (OTP) when using the ‘forgot password’ function or to let you know of any important updates to our service.

In addition, we are required by law to have the details of the people who use our services, like how you have to RICA your sim card. This is to ensure people do not use our network to do bad things.

How do I create an account?

As a new user, there are two simple ways to create a new account. When connecting to our landing page for the first time, you should see either a “Get complimentary access” or a “Buy premium access”. There is also a “Register AlwaysOn Account” link lower down on the page. Any of these will allow you to go through the Account Creation Process.

AlwaysOn Dashboard

What is the dashboard?

The Dashboard is a central place for you to manage all your AlwaysOn needs, from viewing your current vouchers and their available balance to checking your purchase history and even viewing your historical usage. You can also do top-ups from the Dashboard.

What happens if I forget my account details?

Should you forget your password for your new account there is a handy link “Forgot Password” that your can follow. You will be prompted for the email address or the cellphone number that you used when registering. We will SMS an OTP to your mobile. With this pin you can change your password on the AlwaysOn landing page.

How do I get access to my current vouchers?

If you have bought a voucher before you registered your account, don’t worry. There is a section in the dashboard under the Menu where you can link existing usernames and password to your new account.

Does this change how Complimentary access works?

No. You will still need to register each device on the Complimentary access as before, but now it will display as an available option in your dashboard.

I closed the dashboard window, what now?

You can simply go to the following URL to retrieve the dashboard. http://gateway.alwayson.co.za/dashboard.html or connect to the AlwaysOn SSID and try browse something.

How do I check my usage or purchase history?

When logged in, there is a Menu where you can access all your profile details. This includes your usage and purchase History.

Can I use one purchased package on multiple devices at the same time?

No, not at the same time, we are working towards this. You can use one package on different devices but just not login at the same time.

AlwaysOn WiFi

What is Super WiFi?

Super WiFi, on the other hand, is WiFi on steroids. The big “S” on the HOTSPOT FINDER indicates a Super WiFi Hotspot. This means you are in a super strong WiFi location that has big fibre pipes for high speed and good quality connection. Super WiFi Hotspots will give you the best WiFi experience and are geared up for high definition quality and high volumes of use. With Super WiFi you can watch videos, download apps and do all the cool things that need high speed connection, without draining your personal data. Take a seat, things are about to get fast! For more detail watch our video - Super WiFi from AlwaysOn.

What is Browser WiFi?

The big “B” on the HOTSPOT FINDER means that it is a Browser WiFi Hotspot. This is our broad network which covers most locations. Browser WiFi is best used for general Internet browsing and for checking e-mails and social media. Browser WiFi is not intended for downloading massive files and videos. For more detail watch our video - Browser WiFi from AlwaysOn.

Can I use AlwaysOn WiFi overseas?

Yes, with your AlwaysOn WiFi account you can access over 1 million Hotspots overseas. To know which ones support AlwaysOn WiFi, use our App. Alternatively you can use the Hotspot Finder.

Is it free to use?

Yes and no, or as we South Africans like to say, “Ja, nee”. To make sure that there’s enough for everyone every day at all our AlwaysOn zones, we provide free WiFi to cover the basics. If, however, you need to use a lot of data to download something like a movie, or spend more than 30 minutes online, you will need to pay for it. Sounds expensive, right? Not so.

AlwaysOn Prepaid Cards

What is AlwaysOn WiFi and how does it work?

AlwaysOn is internet connectivity provided by our public WiFi Hotspot areas. Think of it like water, we bring the water (the bandwidth), into a venue using physical pipes, these pipes are connected to the water system (the internet). Once inside a venue we use a sprinkler system (Access Points) to spray the water around. This spray is WiFi. Your phone, laptop or tablet is a cup, and when you are connected to AlwaysOn WiFi, you are essentially standing in the spray area catching water in a cup. Simple as that!

We need to stress that you can only connect to the AlwaysOn network, and use your prepaid card, when you are in an AlwaysOn Hotspot. Click here to find your nearest hotspot: AlwaysOn Hotspot Finder

How do I find an AlwaysOn Hotspot?

If you are not already in an AlwaysOn Hotspot:
Go to our website and click on the Hotspot Finder: AlwaysOn Hotspot Finder
Or check your local shopping malls, restaurants and coffee shops for our “AlwaysOn WiFi” sticker.

If you are in an AlwaysOn Hotspot:
Even if you aren’t connected to the internet, you can still browse alwayson.co.za without logging in or signing up, when you’re in one of our hotspots. You’ll see our home page of alwayson.co.za, instead of the login page to the dashboard. You need to select the AlwaysOn network and then go to our Hotspot Finder on the site.

Where can I buy a prepaid card?

For now, at selected Pick n Pay Stores nationwide.
To find your nearest Pick n Pay Store stocking our cards, click here.

How much does a prepaid card cost?

R 199.00 for 10 GB.
Sorry, no refunds.

How much is 10 GB of connectivity?

A lot! 10GB of connectivity is enough to listen to up to 3 000 songs OR watch up to 1 000 videos OR a whole season of your favourite series.

How long is the card valid for?

Once you buy a prepaid card, you have 36 months to activate it.

Once you activate the card, your data is valid for 60 days

How does the card work?

  • Head to your nearest Pick n Pay store, go to the voucher stand and get your AlwaysOn WiFi voucher. For R199 you get 10 GB.
  • Make sure you are in an AlwaysOn WiFi hotspot, a zone where the WiFi connection can reach.
  • Make sure the WiFi setting on your device is turned on, and choose the AlwaysOn network from the list.
  • Open your browser. You will be directed to the AlwaysOn login page. Under “Account Dashboard”, click “Redeem Prepaid Card” and enter your details from your prepaid card to log in.
  • If you are a first time user, sign up on the log in page and then enter your prepaid card details in the section that says “Redeem Prepaid Card”.
  • Boom – you are connected! Happy Browsing
  • Still need help, call us on 0861 HOTSPOT(468 7768) or reach out to our legendary support team: support@alwayson.co.za / Twitter: @AlwaysOnWiFi / FB: AlwaysOn WiFi

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