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AlwaysOn Calling

Now you can talk the hind leg off a donkey, and save money while doing it!

We bring you South Africa's first service that lets you make voice calls over WiFi

Calling Bits

Why do I want AlwaysOn Calling?

It's cheaper than your cell phone voice minutes. It's easy to use - you don't need to change anything. You can phone anyone - they don't need the app. It also works when you are overseas. Calls to other AlwaysOn Calling users are FREE.

Mobile Bits

Try it for free

Subscribe on our website. You will get an SMS with a download link for our Calling app (Android only). Install the app and right it out with 15 mins of free airtime. Simple.

Phone Signaling

How does it work?

An android only service, we let you make voice calls over WiFi – any WiFi, even your own. This uses our voice network to make calls to South African cellular and fixed line numbers at a fraction of the cost of a cellular call. (Psst – don’t tell anyone but this can be used over 3G as well)


One of the many great things about WiFi from AlwaysOn is that you’re never locked into just one data plan. Unlike mobile data, you can switch it up however you like, depending on whatever you’re doing at the time.

Use the slider below to choose a Calling plan that works for you.


up to 600 songs or
up to 200 videos or
up to 600 minutes voice


Once-off cost

*We do not lock you into a 24 month contract. You can change plans as you see fit