1. 1. What is the Samsung AlwaysOn Wi-Fi promotion?

      The Samsung AlwaysOn promotion provides Samsung Wi-Fi enabled smart devices purchased in South Africa with 1GB of free AlwaysOn Wi-Fi data every month for 12 months.

  4. 2. How do I register for this service?

    1. Go to an AlwaysOn Wi-Fi hotspot location and log onto the AlwaysOn Wi-Fi network with your Samsung smart device.
    2. On the AlwaysOn landing page under the menu option of “Free sites” click on “Samsung Registration”.
    3. Enter in your personal details. Under E-mail make sure you enter an email address you will have access to on your phone as you will need to confirm the email. You will also need to enter your IMEI or serial number here.
    4. You will be given your account details and can now click login.
    5. You have 10 minutes of internet access, with the account details provided, to verify your email.
    6. Open your mail (whichever you are using) and click the verify link.
    7. Your account is now created.
    8. Your login details are now stored on your device.
  7. 3. What information should I have handy to register for this promotion?

      You will need your IMEI number; this is your unique device serial number. This number can be found on the box which the device came in or alternatively you can dial *#06# on your phone or find this number on the back of the device.

  10. 4. Where can I find an AlwaysOn hotspot location nearest to me?

  13. 5. How do I download the AlwaysOn Application onto my Samsung smart device?

      Go to the Google Play Store and search for “AlwaysOn Samsung”. Download and install this application onto your Samsung smart device. Choose the “Register” option in the AlwaysOn app and input your information.

  16. 7. How can I retrieve my AlwaysOn account details?

      Follow the same process as you did during registration (2.1 and 2.2 above). The system will detect that your device is already registered and will give you the option to retrieve your detail by confirming your device’s IMEI or serial no. Alternatively you can to call the AlwaysOn Help desk on 0861 HOTSPOT (468 7768) or refer back to the email confirming your AlwaysOn account registration. This will have your username and password details.

  19. 8. What is the eligibility of Samsung devices for this promotion?

      All Samsung smart devices purchased in South Africa on or after 1 April 2010 is eligible for this promotion.

  22. 9. What should I do, if I get a message stating that my device was not identified?

      Please provide your details in the form that will appear on the signup page if this happens or alternatively contact the AlwaysOn Help desk on 0861 HOTSPOT (468 7768).

  25. 10. If I don’t use all my data within the month will it roll over to the next month?

      No, data is valid only for the month of use and does not roll over.

  28. 11. Can the free AlwaysOn Wi-Fi data be shared amongst different devices?

      No, it cannot be shared amongst different Samsung smart devices as the account is locked to individual devices. Each Samsung device however, qualifies for its own free AlwaysOn Wi-Fi data account that will be credited with 1GIG of data every month.

  31. 12. I have multiple Samsung devices. Can I register them all?

      You can register multiple devices with the same email account and personal details. You will just need to supply the correct IMEI or serial number. Each device will have its own login details.

  34. 13. What if I finish the 1GB data before the end of the month, can I purchase more?

      Yes, you can simply purchase more data from the AlwaysOn Wi-Fi portal at standard rates.